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MAX Inspec is GUARANTEED peace of mind.

MAX Inspec is a building inspection company built on the integrity and protection of home buyers and homeowners from one of the biggest investments of their lives.

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We are always on the lookout for new systems, trends, recurring failures, expert advices from various areas of construction and much more to offer our customers the BEST possible inspection services.

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MAX Inspec

Providing high quality reports is a concern that we hold dear. Our very detailed reports are written to make it easy for everyone to understand.

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Pre-purchase inspection

Before acquiring a property, it is strongly recommended that the potential buyer carry out a pre-purchase inspection.

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Being the owner of a building and, for one reason or another (sale of the house, rental, change of use, etc.), you want to know the current state of the property; the pre-sale inspection turns out to be the solution.

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Have you bought a house off plan or have it subcontracted?

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Being an owner or even a tenant, do you realize that some anomalies or damage to the building have occurred and therefore you do not know the cause and the steps to follow?

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MAX Inspec helps you get through an IMPORTANT milestone in your life. MAX Inspec has meticulous, qualified, and honest inspectors. Trust them now !

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  • Our experience makes us a benchmark in the building inspection industry with more than a 1000 inspections;
  • We are rigorously and continuously trained to ensure the best possible service and maintain our knowledge updated
  • Our clear and detailed reports distinguish us from the competition;
  • We have the art of verbally communicating the observed defects and our recommendations to our customers;
  • We climb roofs, enter crawl spaces and attics, open electrical panels in safe and accessible conditions;
  • We work in your only interest; all information relating to the inspection will always remain confidential;
  • Count on us to answer all your questions or concerns before, during, and after the inspection process.